Wir spielen die großen Hits der 70iger, 80iger und 90iger Jahre.
Hier ein Auszug aus unsere Playlist:

Cocaine Eric Clapton     (als Hörprobe)

Highway to Hell                                           AC/DC
Aloha he                                                      Achim Reichelt
Der goldene Reiter                                      Achim Witt
Stand by me                                                B.B. King
Day after Day                                              Bad Finger/Rod Stewart
Get back                                                     Beatles
I saw her standing there                             Beatles
To love somebody                                      Bee Gees
Achy Breaky Heart                                      Billy Ray Cyrus
Knocking on heavens door                         Bob Dylan
No woman no cry                                       Bob Marley
Proud Mary                                                 CCR
Who stops the rain                                     CCR
Lodi                                                            CCR
Green River                                                 CCR
Have you ever seen the rain                       CCR
Bad Moon Rising                                        CCR
Jonny B. Good                                            Chuck Berry
Smoke on the water                                   Deep Purple
Marmor, Stein und Eisen                            Drafi Deutscher
Take it easy                                                Eagles
Come Back                                                 Equals
Tulsa time                                                  Eric Clapton
Buddy Joe                                                   Golden Earing
Song is over                                               Golden Earing
Himbeereis zum Frühstück                        Hoffmann und Hoffmann
Passenger                                                   Iggy Pop
Mercedes Benz                                            Janis Joplin
Bett im Kornfeld                                          Jürgen Drews
Keine Panik auf der Titanic                         Jürgen Drews
You really got me                                       Kinks
LAM-Blues                                                  Loud at Midnight
Bakerman                                                   Laid Back
Poor Boy                                                     Lords
Love isn’t love                                            Man
Mighty Quinn                                             Manfred Man/Gotthard
Hang on sloop in                                       McCoys
Nights in white satin                                  Moody Blues
Like a hurricane                                         Neil Young
Sitin on the dock                                        Otis Redding
Du entschuldige i kenn dich                      Peter Cornelius
Apfeltraum                                                 Renft
Liebeslied                                                   Renft
Last time                                                    Roling Stones
Sympathy for the devil                               Rolling Stones
Satisfaction                                                Rolling Stones
Jump’in Jack Flash                                     Rolling Stones
Brown sugar                                              Rolling Stones
Mein Ding                                                  Udo Lindenberg
Der Greiss ist heiss                                    Udo Lindenberg